I hope I can recover my brain here.

Had my brainstorming session with the gals; it was okay. Created a new timeline for IR:TNP. Posted chapter 35 because C reviewed, then Frankie did. Amanda did, too, but it was a bit of siliness… Don’t know what I’m gonna do with that girl!
The Girl’s gallery has been updated at last. Hubby is sleeping; gotta make dinner for the crew tonight so he doesn’t have to.
The transcript will wait until tomorrow and so will the birthday post. I may be able to eke out more of chapter 36 tonight. We’ll see.
Update: Hubby got up on his own and made eggs and biscuits for us, of which I ate too much. I am feeling rather fried, ekeing is the best word for how things are coming along on chapter 36, though I did manage to edit the transcript, and post on both IR:TNP and CIR. I keep waiting for more reviews… not that any are forthcoming. I have to wonder who is still reading this besides C, Frankie, Becks, Janet, and Amanda… I think I might go to bed at a decent hour tonight, like before midnight.