Woo Hoo! Chapter 30 is up!

I cannot believe how productive I’ve been this week. Nearly a chapter a day for the past five or six days. Chapter 30 of Masquerade is up. I’m one short of 100 reviews. And I still have three or four more chapters, but no more than that, I think.
Good news for C! She’s got over 100 reviews now and more people are tuning in to her excellent brand of sci-fi Thunderbirds style. I’ve been enjoying this latest romp (if you can call it that) so much!
The Girl is home. I’m glad to have her; the boys were getting on each other’s nerves. Now all three can get on each other’s nerves, and mine as well. My physical nerves have been going a mile a minute due to the stalled weather front and probably my own hormones. I can’t sit still and have been existing on aspirin. I should add a caffeine chaser to it, but that means making coffee.
Well, more as my muse moves. And on to chapter 31.