Chapter 26 of Masquerade has hit the stands.

This one went fast! Mostly dialogue between Scott/Parker and new OC, Mo (don’t know if she’s an agent, yet. Haven’t decided). Chat between Kenny and Parker. Chat between Grandma and Maru Soo. Chat between Penny and Addison. Then progress on the Franks front. Now I have act 27, scene 1 done. One of these days I’m going to chapter my things that way, in acts and scenes. Maybe Overtures would lend itself toward it.
Amy P. came on and posted at TBW. I was a bit surprised, but she basically said she was happy to see the site in capable hands and couldn’t really promise to be around. That’s okay. I’ll take care of things.
Hubby changed the hoses on the washer today. He said there was gunk in one of them and that one of the spigots (cold water, I think) was mostly closed! How weird is that? I’m running a small load with just water and soap to clean out the pipes and the inside of the washer. Then I’ll put in some clothes and get more wash done again. The girl is at her cousin’s house now, hopefully having a good time and behaving herself.
Watched Princess Mononoke last night. Weird film. Much preferred Castle In The Sky, Kiki’s Delivery Service and even Spirited Away. The Girl wants to see Howl’s Moving Castle. After that, there’s basically only My Neighbor, Totoro to see. Took a look at the Niece’s pictures; she’s improving but I think the Girl’s style is better. Better proportioned and less stiff. I hope her ticket at Elfwood gets published soon. Lots of really cool pictures coming up, especially the Fishing Fairy, which she sketched at church one morning. Hey, Daddy puts sketches in his sermon notes!
More as the muse moves.

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