Whew! When my muse moves, she really moves!

Was talking with TawnyAngel today and she asked an interesting question. She’s been watching the Thunderbirds episodes that BBC2 has been running as part of the 40th anniversary celebration, and she¬†wondered how the Hood knew that International Rescue existed before Trapped In The Sky. I thought it was a good question, so I wrote a one-shot, under 1000 words, I think (1200 or so after I added my disclaimer and such) to answer the question. It’s posted at ff.net and it’s called Prelude. I hope it gets good reviews.
Promised Amanda that I’d write at Thunderfan and Thunderbar today, so that’s probably next on my agenda. Then to start chapter 26 of Masquerade, and maybe even start chapter 8 of The White Winds.