Got Masquerade 24 up last night

Took a while and I had to rearrange the smaller bits some, but there’s a rescue in there and that took a while to flesh out. Got a great idea for Lou, too, and have to find a place to put it. It may end up in Masquerade in the next chapter or two, we’ll see. The White Winds will have to wait as I really feel on a roll with Masquerade and want to strike while the iron is hot.
Grr. Now I’ve thought of something that I should have thought of before!! Nuts!! I may have to go back and change it! I’ll talk to Liz about it if I see her today… grr. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. No, can’t wait for Liz. I’m going to go back and fix it… I can’t leave it alone.
Update: I remembered that in Serendipity, there had to have been someone in Interpol who was under Minister Alvarez’s thumb, someone who was unscrupulous enough to start the investigation of International Rescue, to turn a blind eye to the murder of the original investigator, Tom, and to allow access to Lucinda’s plane so it could be sabotaged (then allow a cover up of the incident later). Someone on Alvarez’s payroll, who would erase or alter the criminal records of Belah Gaat, and who would have done it months ago. So, the mole has been confirmed, if not identified. I have a feeling it’s either someone we haven’t met yet, or someone that we have met and who just hasn’t been exposed. And, it may be someone who is secretly part of the Erdman gang since the website they are using to smear IR is out of Geneva, where Interpol’s headquarters is. We’ll see how this goes.
In any case, I have changed both chapters 23 and 24 of Masquerade to reflect this.

Article by Tikatu

Tikatu is the long-time alter-ego of L.D. Bennett. She enjoys cat naps, head bumps, and regaling the world with the further adventures of International Rescue.