The White Winds 7 is ready.

I’m just waiting for Hobbeth to get online to beta it. There shouldn’t be much to tweak, I hope. I went back and read an earlier chapter and caught two spelling errors that I hadn’t seen before and used the export/edit function to correct them. Chapter six is well-started at IR:TNP; but we’ve got one writer on vacation, one just home from surgery, one with a blown up computer, and one moving to a new house. Three of these are faithful writers who don’t need a whole lot of prodding to get them going; the other… well, the less said the better on that score.
Thanks, Becks, for the advice on perimenopause. Didn’t know that the feeling of “blech” that I had was part of it.
Update: Chapter 7 is beta’d and up.

Article by Tikatu

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