Peanut spread and sugar free grape jam taste weird together

I came up with this title after I made my lunch. They really do taste strange together. And it’s definitely the jam. Strawberry or blackberry taste better than grape.
Hubby’s supposed to have an 8-hour day, and when he gets home, I’ll finish the grocery shopping that I started yesterday. Spend $200 and didn’t get a whole lot to eat. But that will change when I hit Aldi’s today. I’ll drop the menfolk off at the barber’s, or they can even walk up if they like (they’ll have to walk back anyway; I’m sure they’ll be done with the haircuts before I’m done with the shopping). The boys really need haircuts, boy #1 in particular looks like a blond bush. I need a cut, too, but maybe on Monday…
Been writing some introspective Scott, and I’m not sure where to go from here in Masquerade 21. Don’t even know if I’m pleased with it. I’ve put The White Winds 6 on hold until I get the other chapter done. Juggling two stories has been difficult this time, partially because I’m trying to work through some writer’s block. I hate that! I want to get to the good stuff, but I’ve got to slog through the minutae to get there.
Better fuel up and tackle it again. Back as the muse moves.