Mmmmm. Toffee!

Hubby finally brought home the container of homemade almond toffee that one of his customers gave to him. She knows I particularly love it and must have given me some from a larger batch that she made. It is so light and crispy! I had to put it in the fridge because he had left it at work for several days and the chocolate had melted. I’m only eating a little a day and I am sharing it with the kids, who like it too. Delicious!
Haven’t heard back yet from Amy P. Hope she’s not been caught up in the blasts that rocked London last week. I know where she lives, what town she’s from, but I don’t know where she’s going to university.
The White Winds spoke up today while I was in the shower, so I’d better write it down while I still have it in my head. Then more work on Masquerade 21 and more laundry to do. Everyone had clean clothes this morning and I made the boys shower since they’ll be at DVBS this evening. Need to figure out what’s for supper; I’ll be making it most of the week since the boys need to eat before the bus arrives to pick them up.
Back later as the muse directs.