At Last! Elfwood has come through.

Wahoo! Elfwood has finally put up my Girl’s little fantasy art gallery. I’ve added the link to my favorites on this page, along with my Hubby’s online cartoon. Both are worth looking at, if I do say so myself.

Hubby didn’t go to church on purpose today; it seems he’s hurt his foot somehow and besides that, he had a bad night sleeping. When I came to bed around two, he got up and went out to the couch. Not because of me, but because he was restless and didn’t want to wake me.

Working on chapter 20. It’s coming slowly but it’s coming. In some ways it’s lighter than what’s been going on in the story lately, but still has its angsty moments. I’m trying to check in on all the venues preparatory to the funeral and wake in chapter 21. My one hang up is what do I do with the main villain at the moment. Gotta give this some more thought.

Lunch time. Back later as the muse allows.