Can I scream now?

I have been booted offline by MSN several times this evening, causing me to change the access numbers twice so far. I only have two more after this one, so things had better stay stable for a bit. My connections speed isn’t up to snuff either. I have to shake my head and wonder what’s going on with MSN these days.

Hubby spoiled me tonight. Bought me a jamocha shake from Arby’s. To offset it, he also bought me a chicken wrap, of which I only ate half. Why? Because I wanted to somehow balance the mega sugar carbs I was getting from the shake and the other carbs I was getting from the yummy onion petals. But I was thankful. It made me feel normal for a change. I’d hate to see my BG numbers in an hour or so though!

Stuck on where to go with Chapter 20 of Masquerade. I’ve got two scenelets done that I’m happy with, but the third one is giving me a bit of trouble. I have a goal for chapter 21, and I’m not sure I’m going to make it. Grrr. There’s so much going on in so many different settings in the story, and all of it seems important. I feel rather like Brains does in the little scenelet I’ve written. Too much on my plate and something essential being left out. Too many plot bunnies to juggle here. I need to narrow things down… but the boys are beginning to clamor for a rescue on top of it all! Sheesh!