I am finally refueled.

Got out to WalMart tonight and bought myself some more Russell Stover’s sugar-free chocolate.  They still didn’t have the caramel drops I love so dearly, but the coconut ones were back, hurray! Grapes were on sale, but I really shouldn’t have bought them; we have so many of the little plums that KF sent along. I had one today finally. They aren’t much bigger than cherries, but sooooo sweet! Makes me wonder if the one little plum I had was what shot my BG level up or if there’s some other reason.
Working on Masquerade 20 a  little, and added to my photobucket account as well as to the photo albums here and at IR:TNP. C’s latest is soooo gorgeous! The tiger is magnificent! The Girl keeps asking, “How does she do that?”  Started a gallery at fanfics.org and updated both Masquerade and The White Winds on that site. The galleries I already have there, filled with C’s artwork, have gotten top ratings.
Been trying to exterminate the ants in the kitchen. So far, the ants are winning the war.
I’m glad we finally have a new board for Calling International Rescue. Just have to get used to the thing, that’s all. Sigh.

Article by Tikatu

Tikatu is the long-time alter-ego of L.D. Bennett. She enjoys cat naps, head bumps, and regaling the world with the further adventures of International Rescue.