July 2005

Finally got it done. I actually was going to add a bit of rescue to the end of it, but I decided that it would work better in the beginning […]

Went to the diabetic management follow-up seminar today and took the kids. They behaved themselves very well and even bragged on me to the others in the group when I went […]

I’m just waiting for Hobbeth to get online to beta it. There shouldn’t be much to tweak, I hope. I went back and read an earlier chapter and caught two […]

Still haven’t buried poor Peter, though. And I’ve already written more words for this fic than for any other! Need to get started on chapter 23, where we WILL bury […]

My stomach has been upset for a while now and I’m not quite sure why. It could be the aspirin I’ve been taking for my feet, I suppose. They have […]

It seemed to take forever, this chapter. But finally it’s up. Not action packed, but lots of little details filled in. My goal is to get poor Peter buried next […]

Pictures of The Honorable Addison Kennicot, Senator to the World Congress representing Great Britain (and Lady Penelope’s old school chum) and of Renée Baptiste, IR Agent 38 are up in […]