It’s official…

My toe is broken. The doctor didn’t even bother to x-ray it; he said he could feel the “dimple” in the bone where the break was! Ewww! I’ve got a scrip for pain meds and I’ll go back in two weeks for an x-ray to be sure it’s healing. Good news from the visit though; according to their scales, I’ve lost twelve pounds! My goal is 15 before I see the diabetes management team in July, so I’m well on the way! Yippee!
The kids, under the direction of the Girl, are washing dishes. I hear a few screams of frustration coming from the kitchen.   I’m sure that the boys are getting under her skin. They have the unique brotherly ability to do that.
The more I use this MSN blog, the more I like it. It’s got a lot of user friendly features, much more than livejournal. Still, livejournal has the “music I’m listening to” feature and the mood icons. So, I guess I’ll keep them both.