Been working on vacation pictures

I’ll be posting some soon. Boy #2 got the best pictures of all of us; more good pictures per camera and he had two. The Carlsbad pictures required a good bit of fiddling, using a lot of contrast (which makes them look green) to show up a lot of what was on the photos, but it worked… for the most part. Now it’s resampling to bring the shots down to manageable sizes so that I don’t fill up my allotted space too soon.

I’ve got a great opening scene for The White Winds chapter 5, but haven’t written it out yet. And a good scene for Masquerade as well. Jeff and Penelope… it will be emotional. I’m surprised that the Virgil fangirls have actually liked the scene betweent the "idiot child" and "her" as Frankie puts it. Now to do something as workable for Jeff and Penny, and get that Peter back to Ireland.

My brain is fried right now, and I don’t think I could write another word of fiction. But I might try. We’ll see. I keep looking for more reviews and I have to stop that. They are addictive! Got an odd one on one of my fictionpress stories; C thought it sounded snarky and as if the reviewer was being too erudite to be understood. Hey, if they can’t be bothered to leave an email address, I can’t be bothered to listen.