Well, it’s that time of year, friends. Time to make our New Year’s resolutions. Here are mine:   1. Stick to my diet more closely. 2. Get back on track […]

I’ve posted the new story, Grandpa’s Hat, at ff.net. Some of the people who read it in my livejournal complained that they couldn’t make any comment, so now they can […]

One of my reviewers said she wanted to see some action… so I thought I might write another rescue at this point in Overtures. Somehow, it’s not working.   I […]

Went shopping with the kids today and then on to the library, which was closed due to the power being out. So, since the Hubby had been telling us how […]

The freezing rain is finally gone.   It’s been raining all day, a freezing rain that has coated the trees and grass with ice. Branches kept falling on the house, […]

Both of my fanfics are updated. I updated three chapters of Overtures and one of The White Winds. Now maybe my NaNo muse will get to work and inspire me. The […]

Well, I hoped to put up my NaNoWriMo participant icon here, but MSN spaces won’t let me. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. I’ve signed up for it and the […]

We’ve hardly had any trick or treaters come to our door tonight and we bought lots and lots of candy to give out. I’m afraid that the kids will be […]